Amy Brinkley Bio

Amy Brinkley is Bureau Chief for the Office of Family and Consumer Affairs at the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions and a person in long-term recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder. As Bureau Chief Amy provides consumer and family member perspective to DMHA leadership that helps shape the divisions’ policy and planning activities. She is presently the chair for the Recovery Supports Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Indiana Mental Health and Addiction Planning and Advisory Council (MHAPAC) and provides oversight of the Indiana Recovery Council as the State Rep for the Indiana Recovery Council. Amy has more than 14 years leading and investing in the lives of others prior to her role within the Division of Mental Health and Addictions at the State Level. Amy currently has more than six years working and advocating for better mental health treatment with NAMI, DMHA, and other advocacy groups following her brothers’ suicide in February 2012. Amy Brinkley is the proud mother of four children and currently resides in Lafayette with her family and recovery community.